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January Specials

During January, the Bookstore will have a storewide clearance sale! All hardback books will be two for the price of one. As usual, the second item must be of equal or lesser value than the first. This does not include large size paperbacks, which will remain $1 each. Standard paperbacks will be 10 for $1.

February Specials

This month, in recognition of Valentineís Day, all paperback Romance books are priced 10 for $1. Come buy your sweetheart some great books!

Proceeds from Bookstore sales go directly into our General Fund that provides equipment, supplies, and support to Library programs not included in the Libraryís regular budget from the Town and Gila County.

You can find DVDís, audio CDís, book sets, coffee table books, jigsaw puzzles, and more! Also available for purchase are sturdy eco-friendly tote bags for just $1.50óa great way to get your purchases home!








Sale proceeds are used to support a wide variety of activities not covered in the library's regular budget, including purchase of new books, equipment and children's programs.

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